Mandatory e-Invoicing in India wef 1st Oct 2020
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Mandatory e-Invoicing in India wef 1st Oct 2020

The GST Council has decided to introduce mandatory e-Invoicing across the country from 1st October 2020 onwards.

Requirements for Submission of e-Invoices
As per the new rules, e-Invoices must be issued to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) in JSON format. Once the e-document is submitted, the e-Invoice will be validated by the IRP and the supplier will receive a message confirming the same. The following parameters will determine the validity of the document:
  1. Full and complete data in all mandatory fields
  2. Valid GSTIN of supplier
  3. Valid GSTIN of buyer
  4. Valid invoice number and financial year
  5. Verify if the invoice already exists in the GST system or not
In case of a positive response by the Invoice Registration Portal, the invoice is digitally signed and designated a unique number by the IRP. Then, a QR code is generated to confirm the authenticity of the e-Invoice (for both the buyer and the supplier) acting as proof that the e-Invoice has been registered in the GST system. Lastly, IRP makes the document available to both the buyer and supplier in the GST portal.

In case of a negative response, an error message is generated and sent to the respective party detailing the reason for rejection.

Distribution of e-Invoices
After the completion of the above steps, the supplier is bound to distribute the e-Invoice to the buyer. Please note that the distribution of e-Invoices is not regulated by the authority and the method of distribution can be mutually agreed by both parties as per their convenience. Another point to note is that exempt businesses are not obligated to accept or process JSON e-documents. Thereby, it is advised that the supplier should create PDF invoices or print paper invoices in order to disperse e-Invoices to exempt businesses.

The GST Council is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the transition to e-Invoicing takes place without any hiccups. If you’re looking for an e-Invoicing solution for your firm, look no further than Webtel’s Integrated e-Invoicing solution which is a one-stop software for all your e-invoicing needs.

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