Pants or Pajamas - What’s your Remote Work Style?
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As the world grapples with the ongoing threat of coronavirus, one thing which has become a norm for organizations worldwide is remote work. For employees across the world, their homes have been converted into temporary office space where they settle down to do their daily work.
Remote Work Style
Now over the past few months, two kinds of employees have emerged. One who follows the same daily routine that they used to when they went to the office. Wake up, shower, exercise, have their breakfast, dress in their formals, get ready for work, and off they go. In short, they wear pants when they get ready to work.
The other kind takes a more leisurely approach to work. They take their sweet time getting out of bed. Stay in bed later than usual, have a quickie breakfast, pop open their laptop and get down to it. These employees wear their pajamas when they start their work.
In the debate between pants vs pajamas, there’s no right or wrong. What matters more is what’s comfortable for you.
For the company, what’s important is that the work’s getting done and on time. For this, a lot of organizations are making use of office management tools to track employee productivity. One such tool is Web-Edge which helps firms allocate their resources efficiently and automate tasks like attendance & leave management, job allocation, time tracking of employees, etc. Its an office automation tool par excellence if you’re looking for something nifty that integrates smoothly with your systems.
So, tell us what is your remote working style? Are you prim and proper preferring your pants or are you laidback, choosing to work in your pajamas? Do let us know in the comments below.

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