How To Create A Remote Team Culture?
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Every organization whether big or small is synonymous with having a particular work culture. Be it casual Fridays, weekends off, or monthly birthday celebrations, every firm strives to create a harmonic workplace environment that employees can become a part of.

With most workforce working from home, the question arises how does one go about building a remote team culture?

How To Create A Remote Team Culture?

The answer to this question lies in intention. You have to look for common interests, understand the other person’s perspective and try to have meaningful meetings where a healthy exchange of ideas takes place. Doing this can help you create camaraderie amongst your team.

To create a robust team culture, you need two things: the employees buying into the company rules and culture; and creating a healthy system of habits, meetings and events focused on increasing communication amongst the employees.

Let’s find out about the remote culture rules you need to inculcate in your organization.

5 Remote Culture Rules To Adopt

Think of rules here as social norms that provide an expected experience to the participant when he/she enters their office space. Now, these rules are set with the consensus of each and every participant to build trust, understanding, and support amongst one another.

Wouldn’t you want to be a part of such an experience?

  1. Be Empathetic
    While communicating over email or chat, it is not always easy to decipher the tone and intent of your colleague. Always assume positive intent that will help you avoid any potential misunderstandings.

  2. Be Transparent
    Always keep any vital information accessible to everyone working on the project such as sharing notes over email, recording any video meetings, etc.

  3. Be a Forward Thinker
    Don’t be hasty. Plan ahead and try to avoid making last-minute decisions. It’s always better to take into confidence your team when making vital decisions rather than leaving them in the dark. Embrace trust.

  4. Be Structured
    Create and maintain a process, structure, and agenda around meetings so that it is easy for everyone to follow along. Assign a participant to take notes of any major topic discussed and the decision taken in the meeting.

  5. Be Considerate
    With offices opening up across the country, there is still quite a considerable percentage of employee workforce who are working from home. The company should treat them all as equal and try to engage them be it in an event such a virtual party or over a game of Tambola?

To Sum Up

Building a great remote team culture is in the best interests of a firm. And for that, one needs a great office management tool. Try Web-Edge! An all-in-one office automation tool that takes care of a number of office tasks like tracking an employee’s productive work hours, managing any reimburses due to employees, invoice generation, tally integration, etc.

Having an office automation tool is essential to building a harmonious and efficient remote team culture as the employee as well as the employer can work together for the betterment and success of the organization.

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