Remote Work Tools for Happy and Productive Employees
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We’ve all have had to come to grips living in a world wherein we have to take precautions and keep ourselves safe - be it wearing masks, using sanitizers, stepping out of home only if it is unavoidable. Similarly, organizations have had to employ guidelines for employees working remotely. To go from working at office to working at home is a significant jump which comes with teething issues. To ensure that you minimize these problems, let’s take a look at four digital tools that can help your firm make remote work a piece of cake!

Remote Work Tools for Happy and Productive Employees

  1. Communication Tool: Slack

  2. Slack has fast emerged as the go-to tool used by firms due to its use of “social” features such as emojis and gifs to help employees communicate more naturally. It is an engaging and fun-to-use tool that ensures that there’s a record kept of all decisions that are taken. This helps save time as its no longer necessary to go and have a chat at someone’s desk while ensuring that everyone can stay in the loop and be involved in the decision-making process.

  1. Video Call Tool: Google Meet

  2. Due to companies working remotely, it is not possible to have face to face meetings to discuss important issues or agendas. This is where video chat comes in. To be an effective remote working company, you have to integrate good video conferencing in the way you work day-to-day.

    Google Meet comes with a boatload of features not limited to hosts can share their screens with their attendees and vice-versa where they can present digital presentations, documents or spreadsheets, or any other files. All one needs is a meeting link and you can join the meeting.

    Meet is accessible through iOS and Android devices as well and every meeting includes a phone number through which users can dial in and join through their phones if they’re unable to access video feeds. Enterprise users also have the option of recording meetings wherein the recording gets saved automatically on Google Drive and the host receives a link to the video recording on email. All in all, a great tool for any firm to make use of.

  1. Office Automation Tool: Web-Edge

  2. Whether you’re an organization having 50 employees or 500, you need a tool that can effectively keep track of assignments in hand. To keep the momentum going during this time, it is utmost important that the assignment gets completed in time and delivered. Professional organizations of Chartered Accountants/Company Secretaries/Legal firms undertaking responsibilities of Compliances of their clients are at risk of not delay in compliance. Therefore, it becomes very vital for them that they are able to allocate the assignments in hand to their employees, keep a track of the same, bill the client upon completion of the job, keep a track of recovery, pushing invoice data to account software like Tally, check employees effective working hours while they are working at home. Web-edge is a comprehensive tool which takes care of all these and comes with many more features for complete Office Automation.

  1. Collaboration Tool: Trello

  2. Trello works as your virtual office wherein you can see status updates, check the progress of various projects & tasks in real-time as well as find relevant resources needed for completion of said assignments. Moreover, this is helpful for team members to track the context and current status of any project, task, or meeting agenda.

    For remote teams, this is a godsend as they can keep up to date and easily follow what’s needed to be done to bring the project to completion.


Having a robust remote team culture is paramount for the success of an organization in post-COVID times and having the aforementioned tools would go a long way in helping you achieve it.

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