On whose side should an HR really be?
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The role of a disciplinarian is not that of a fun one. Admittedly it is one of the most hated roles, but one that can’t be overlooked. Faced with new obstacles and situations, especially in times of this Pandemic, HR roles had turned that to be of a strict disciplinarian. HR is the one that has been handed down the toughest job of keeping things afloat and keeping employer, employees and even the company happy and in full working condition. When each piece of the wheel is getting used to the comfort of their homes, it is a bit tricky to keep it running smoothly. So how does an HR take on the job of keeping all three; employees, employers and the company, functioning smoothly?

On whose side should an HR really be?

The Role of HR with the Company

One of the key points that HR has to understand is that they are not working for an employer. They are working for the company. The ultimate role and purpose of an HR are to make sure that the company is functioning at its optimal level, no matter what the situation is at hand. So if you are an HR, faced with a situation where you have to pick a side, your choice should be the company. Any decision taken by you will affect the overall performance and growth of the company.

The Role of HR with the Employees

The role of HR with employees doesn’t lie with mere hiring and firing but its scope goes way beyond. In the light of Pandemic, it certainly benefits to revisit the roles
  • Working Conditions: The HR list of actions should include looking after working conditions which in given times is a direct reference to the health of the employees amid COVID-19.
  • Equal opportunities: They also have to make sure that there are equal opportunities which also means that it is the responsibly of an HR to make sure that the work is not crushed upon on a few just because they are readily available on call to get the work done.
  • Welfare: Lastly, Staff welfare whose meaning has changed in the light of the current pandemic. With work from home being the new norm of our work culture, the job of HR has increased to pay attention that the employees are not being deprived of their personal space. It is very easy to forget the same when employees are working and available on call the whole day.

The Role of HR with the Employer

While the above satisfy that employee section of the wheel, eventually there is a higher power that HR needs to answer. The employer. So an HR has an active role to play in this zone too
  • The bridge: So now that HR is the bridge that connects everybody, it is the job of HR to make sure that the employers are well aware of the work progress and productivity level within their company. This helps them ease their worries about keeping their company functioning as well as keeping their finances secure.
  • The pacifier: It is understandably a concern for an employer on the viability of working from home when they can’t see the work being done in front of them. So as an HR, you would be the narrator and the sounding board.

The present scenario is not the best, but the one that could make sure that everything is on its track is the HR section of the company who could not only pacify the employees about their positions at the company but employers too on the productivity of their company. As an HR if you keep your eventual goal and accountability to the company, the decisions would be much clear and easy to make. It gives you the answer as to whose side you should be on in difficult situations.

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