Redefining the Role of HR in these Pandemic Times
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Pandemic and Pandemonium are the two words that can truly define our recent times. COVID-19 was an unexpected guest that had managed to drain out its hosts. One of the major setback of COVID-19 apart from the obvious health scare was its impact on the work culture. Almost overnight all small scale and large scale organizations had to move their office spaces into individual houses and embarking on the journey of the new working culture- 'Work from home'. It was a necessary evil and also the need of the hour. It sure did help float the daily operations to a certain level even though it also brought up new levels of challenges. The people who got sleepless nights as an aftereffect of ‘work from home ‘ work culture was the HRs of the companies.

Role of HR in these Pandemic Times

Raising the bar amidst COVID

The process was a two-fold effort to be brought into action. As akin to the nature of Work from home, the initial struggle for the HR was to make sure that the employees knew that work from home was not another word for Vacation.

Maintaining the productivity

A lot of HRs had to take on the enormous task of making sure that their employees were not getting too comfortable at their homes and avoiding their work. This divine task was bestowed upon HRs to keep a check on the productivity and availability of the employees during the official hours and that these employees are not actually binge-watching their favourite series. Result? Well, let's just say that it didn’t make HRs the best-loved people in the company.

Facing the Unlock

Although Eventually, a system started developing within the Work from the Home structure, the crisis began when the Government started the unlocking. This meant that employers, who were already losing money and trust in getting efficient work done, wanted their employees back at the office. Seems fair. Right? Not if you look at it from the employee side of events. It was unreasonable to ask thousands of employees to risk their lives amid COVID to start working from the office. So this task again fell upon HRs to create a bridge wherein some of the employees could work from home while others had to come down to the office. This scenario is still ongoing as many organizations are still going through rosters, charts to decide and rotate the list of employees who gets to stay at home and who needs to come to the office.

Believe it or not, Work from Home is the new face of our working culture and as an HR of a company, the actual hard job starts now. Since there is no visible respite for the current Pandemic in the near future, Work from Home will have to be shaped and crafted to ease both employees and employers. So what can an HR do to make sure that there are a steady solution and model for the current predicament?

Work from Home is a two way relationship

Work from Home should be viewed just as distance relationship. Like in the case of a distance relationship, communication and keeping in constant touch with each other is very crucial. There is also a thin line in this since going overboard with communication and frequent contact can ruin it as well. Accountability and ownership is another aspect. As an HR, one has to make sure that each employee has proper awareness of accountability and ownership of their tasks and role in the daily operations. It would be in the hands of the HR to make it clear for the employees that despite the change of location, the basic structure of their daily job life remains the same. This means that no matter what is happening back at their home, the employees have to be accountable for their designated work hours to be productive and effective.

Work from Home is here to Stay

HR role has suddenly changed to that of a strict school teacher, monitoring their wards for the proper flow of works and ensuring that nobody is facing any issue. Since COVID-19 has made all of us adopt new measures, all of us are forced to conquer these small bumps but eventually, we will have to embrace and accept these changes and come up with new sets of rules and procedures to help battle the pandemic situation and making sure our companies stay afloat.

What's your opinion about this? What are those set of new rules and procedures every company should follow to conquer and win this pandemic? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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