Where would the future of HR lie in the pandemic world?
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Never would have the trend predictions gone so wrong as it had been for this year. While what we had envisioned for this year has completely changed because of COVID, let us take a tour of the possible trends waiting for the HR world after the impact of COVID-19

The year 2020 probably would go down in the history pages as a dark period. What started as a good year slowly took a turn after a mere couple of months with the onset of Pandemic. The whole world practically was locked up in their houses including major business and corporates that were looking forward to new ventures. Everything in this pandemic and post-pandemic state will see a rapid change. From our lifestyles to the way we did business and worked have certainly changed. So there is no doubt that even the HR trends would also be now differently predicted. So let us take a quick look at how the trends for HR world will change with the pandemic situation.

Where would the future of HR lie in the pandemic world?

Remote Working: Key to Effective and Say Office Environment
One of the major debacles was the cut back of a large chunk of the workforce. It was anecessary action required by companies to help themselves from getting caught in the financial whirlpool. While the news was rampant with companies shutting down, the other companies were trying hard to retain their workforce both financially and health-wise. So came the role of Remote working. No doubt remote working is the future and which means HR sectors needs to be prepared to face this new challenge head-on and be on toes to adapt to its daily hurdles. One of the key factors of remote working is tracking followed by assigning. It is essential to keep a track of the workflow as well as to know who and how the tasks are being assigned.

Data Analysis: Keep a tap on the pulse of workflow
Remote working churns out a lot of data to be analysed. It is almost like stalking and monitoring every employee on your screen. From the clocking hours to workflow to data transmission, there are a lot of data that needs to scrutinized to have a proper picture of what exactly is going inside the company. It also comes with a civic and moral responsibility of treating these records with the utmost care. So welcome to the new role of HR of that being a data auditor and analyser.

Contingency plan: The Ins and Outs
As mentioned earlier, with COVID, a lot many companies had to let go of their workforce. The new strategy was contractual and contingent workers. This meant that outsourcing the works gave the companies the financial loophole as well as the efficiency of not having to keep a tight hold on their employees. This though was a negative impact on the retained employees who now had added responsibilities and work pressure. So as an HR, the contingency plans lie with you to distribute the workload so that the companies do not fully rely on outsourcing and yet employees still get to retain their jobs without added workloads.

HR: The new Safety net
With COVID, a lot of employees got a wakeup call about their organisations. Years of trust were being questioned on the wake of the crisis. It is still a situation where companies are being questioned on their roles to protect their employees both financially and medically. So HR was the front face who had to be the assurers to the well-being of employees as well as getting companies to modify their existing policies to be more accommodating towards the scared and panicked workforce while still salvaging the declining financial graph. This would go on as a permanent role for HRs to be a mediator and safety net for both employers and employees

The roles have changed and the major outlook of the new pandemic tainted world has to be adaptability. It is time that we took on new roles that could suit the needs of the changing scenarios. More than ever HR has a stronger role to play and that being of a thread that holds everything together.

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