5 Leadership Lessons to Learn from Mahatma Gandhi: The Management Guru
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Mahatma Gandhi is one such personality who needs no introduction. He left his imprint on the 20th century becoming the leading revolutionary figure for the struggle of independence in the Indian subcontinent. He inspired many other luminaries like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela to forge a path of change through non-violent means.

His life is full of instances where he inspired people to push themselves, tap into their inner strength and be implacable in the face of adversity. His teachings have inspired millions across the past century. But did you know his lessons can be applied in the sphere of management as well?

5 Leadership Lessons to Learn from Mahatma Gandhi: The Management Guru

On the 151st birth anniversary of M.K. Gandhi, let’s delve into the 5 leadership lessons one can learn from the Mahatma:

#1 Learn to Say No
Mr. Gandhi once remarked that, “A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse to avoid trouble.” Leaders realize that they cannot please everyone nor should they. At times, saying ‘NO’ is the best option rather than make decisions based on popular opinion.

#2 Be Humble
It is ok to err provided that you learn from your mistake and get better. Gandhi believed people found him to be relatable because he was not afraid to admit his mistakes, showing that he was human just like them. Just like him, management honchos should not be hesitant to own up to their errors but rather use their failure as a springboard for future successes.

#3 Listen to Understand, Not Reply
Most often than not we’re so focused on what we want to say, going about it in our heads rather than focusing on listening to what the other person is saying. One of Gandhi’s qualities was that he was an exceptional listener. A good leader listens to what the people around him have to say, and takes action based on feedback.

#4 Honesty is the Best Policy
‘Mahatma Gandhi’ has been one of the most memorable ‘brands’ of the past 100 years. He was honest about his intentions, his purpose, laying bare his faults and virtues for all to see. By building an honest brand, you’ll retain the loyalty of your customers and can focus on providing a quality product or service to them.

#5 You’re Always in Control
One can always blame fate and chalk things up to bad luck. However, Gandhi was of the view that it is you who controls how you react to people and circumstances. Take the COVID-19 pandemic for example. A lot of businesses had to trim their employee roster to survive while some had to completely shut down their operations as it became unsustainable. However, a lot of companies opted to retain their employees on decreased pay in order to sustain their operations while ensuring they didn't lose their livelihoods.

It’s never easy to let people go especially with a pandemic raging on but sometimes tough decisions need to be made so that the company survives. But how to make sure that you’re choosing the ‘right’ people to let go? Well, here Web-Edge comes into the picture.

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Oh and did I mention that Web-Edge comes with a 30 day complimentary software training? You can’t go wrong with this. Trust us. Here’s wishing you all a Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

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