Avoid Burnout and Manage Your Screen Time Judiciously
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One major drawback of remote work has been that our screen time has exponential shot up. Employees have to be connected and online during the entirety of the working day (and sometimes even beyond), eventually leading to spending copious amounts of time glued to the screen.

As there’s no “leaving the office” so to say, it has become quite difficult to “unplug” from work. Also, working your nose to the grindstone, can lead you up the slippery slope of burnout. Working longer hours on a screen can strain your eyes, induce headaches, and affect your sleep and your overall productivity.

Organisations have become aware of this phenomenon over the past few months and have come up with a few solutions to assist their employees. One such solution is Webtel’s Web-Edge. An office automation tool par excellence, it helps you accomplish a myriad of tasks.

Avoid Burnout and Manage Your Screen Time Judiciously
All across the world, people have had to make adjustments with a new reality: remote work. Due to the ongoing pandemic which ceases to relent, work from home is in the foreseeable future of the majority of the white-collar workers.

#1 Track Ongoing Tasks
Keeping tabs on the ongoing work progress is essential from an employee as well as employer’s perspective. Both want to stay abreast of the client’s deadline and ensure they deliver the work on a timely basis. Web-Edge - India’s best office management tool helps you do just that.

#2 Work Management
Just as it is essential to track ongoing tasks, it is also important to manage allocation of work to ensure that there is no duplication of work. If an employee was working on a particular task and that same task was assigned to another employee, it’d lead to loss of resource as well as duplicated work. To avoid this scenario, it is paramount for a manager to be aware of what tasks have been assigned to his team.

#3 Client Billing
It goes without saying client billing is instrumental in keeping a company chugging along as it is one of its main sources of revenue. Web-Edge being an excellent office automation tool helps in timely raising invoices as well as making it look like a piece of cake!

These resources are not only beneficial for a company but also for an employee as it helps him keep track of his tasks, manage his time as well as avoid any redundancy in work. Oh and not to forget, it also helps lower your screen time thereby, helping you avoid running yourself into the ground and straight into the arms of burnout!

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