How to Deal with Performance Review While Working Remotely?
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A performance review is a nerve-racking time for most employees even when they’ve been dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s throughout the year. No matter what kind of equation a subordinate shares with his manager, the thought of being reviewed viz-a-viz his performance over the past year, can have people sweating bullets and biting their nails.

How to Deal with Performance Review While Working Remotely

One survey revealed that 22% of respondents actually called in sick when they were due for a performance review. It’s a terrifying prospect for almost 1 out of 4 employees.

The cherry on top this particular year is that we’ve been working remotely for the vast majority of the year. So, performance reviews are most likely going to be taking place over a Zoom call.


Sounds like we’re in a bit of a spot aren’t we? Well, not to fret. Let’s look at some tips to make the most of remote performance reviews.

#1 Connect via Video Call (Yes, We Mean It!)
We know we’re all already doing our fair share of video calls each day for meetings, connecting with clients and what not. You’re tired. But if you can’t have a face to face conversation, the next best option is a video call. A lot can get lost in translation when one is communicating through email, Slack or a phone call. Bite the bullet and go for that video call, will ya?

#2 Provide Feedback Ahead of Time
Why, you ask? By providing a written summary before you sit down with your direct report helps them understand the evaluation process and review the criteria that they’re being judged on. Moreover, this also helps increase transparency between the appraiser and appraisee. One nifty tool that helps out managers keep track of their reportee’s tasks is Web-Edge - Office Management Software touted as India’s best office management tool.

This solution helps a manager keep track of the ongoing jobs undertaken by the employee and the overall completion progress. At the time of an employee’s performance review, the manager can easily pull out data and evaluate the efficacy of his subordinates.

#3 Take Down Some Notes
On the other hand, the employee should come prepared before undertaking his performance review as well. Make a list of your highlights and any high-impact work that you accomplished in the previous year. Talk about the challenges you undertook and the personal growth you achieved. How it all ties up together with the company values which you’ve tried to inculcate. What this will do is give you a nice confidence boost ahead of a potentially anxiety-inducing conversation. Also, with this prep along with talking points to support your performance, you’ll come out safely sailing through the conversation.

So gather your courage, put on a nice tee (you can probably keep on the pajama bottoms and no one would notice), and get set for that performance review of yours. Also, you might want to remember one thing, if you don’t act upon the feedback received in performance reviews, you might as well have simply skipped them and saved everyone the trouble.

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