Web-Edge Power-Ups that will Make You Jump with Joy
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Every once in a while an amazing solution comes along that transforms your life. What if we told you that we’ve got India’s best office management tool as a part of our stable that could make your life a hell of a lot easier?

Web-Edge Power-Ups That Will Make You Jump with Joy

Interested? We bet you are! Web-Edge is a cloud-based ERP for professional firms that help you manage your day-to-day activities affording you the flexibility to digitize your operations as well as enhancing your firm’s productivity. It comes loaded with nifty features or “power-ups” that assist you in competing with the Big Four and other large CA firms. So, without further ado, let’s find out more about these power-ups!

#1 Attendance & Leave Management
Keeping track of employee attendance and leaves is essential as employees are the most valuable resource of a firm. Through Web-Edge, you can implement an easy fix that tracks leaves and plan ahead to ensure you’re never short of hands at work.

#2 Job Allocation & Job Tracking
This is an important feature of any office automation tool which helps avoid duplication of work by ensuring the same job is not assigned to two different people. Moreover, it also helps keep tabs on the progress bar of tasks assigned so as to ensure that deadlines are met and the firm doesn’t end up wasting precious resources.

#3 Invoice Generations
Generating invoices in a timely manner is paramount for an organisation so that the coffers never run dry. Maintaining healthy cash flow is important for any firm which is made easier by making sure that invoices are raised and submitted to vendors on time.

#4 Employee Time Trackers
Any office management software worth its salt would come loaded with an employee time tracker. This feature helps ensure that your employees are completing their requisite working hours and not skipping home early.

#5 Reimbursement Management
Often times it occurs that firms make expenses on behalf of the client but due to an error or oversight fail to include that amount in the invoices. With the help of Web-Edge, you can avoid making lapses and ensure that you can recover all reimbursements due to the firm in a timely manner.

Web-Edge offers all these fantastic power-ups and more that will help your firm take a big step towards offering quality service to your clients and earning their loyalty. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind office automation tool that will keep your firm reach the heights you always imagined it would.

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