Show Your Value as a Remote Worker: How to Augment Your Visibility
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Show Your Value as a Remote Worker: How to Augment Your Visibility

In an organisation, striving for excellence and taking pride in your work, is an important part of achieving success in your career. Getting the proper credit for your work, being recognised among your peers and upper management, are essential for building influence in your professional circle and getting considered for advancement in your career.

And how all of the above is possible?

Being visible.

However, with most offices having implemented a remote work culture or variations of it within their organisation, getting visibility is proving to be a tad tricky. Being isolated from the company culture, limited face time with management, time zone difficulties, and fewer opportunities to network among employees is hindering the ability of employees to be visible within their team and to others within the organisation.

So how does one go about building a rep for themselves and increasing their visibility while working remotely?

By making use of Web-Edge - An Office Management Software that not only helps you schedule and manage your tasks efficiently, but is also instrumental in keeping track of ongoing jobs, client billing, reimbursement and timely recovery of dues from clients.

If you stay on top of your task allocation, manage our work in a timely and efficient manner, there’s no reason why you won’t shine among your fellow workers. What’s more, with the help of this nifty office automation tool, your work progress can be easily tracked by your manager, noting your efficacy.

We have to consider that when we’re working together at office there are a lot of things we take for granted. Be it gossip at lunch hour, taking note of body language in a meeting, being noted when people are clocking out; one is in constant touch and under the eyes of upper management. This is why working in a physical work environment helps create visibility faster for you as well as your colleagues. However, this is not true when one is working remotely.

This is why Web-Edge is so good for you and your company. It comes loaded with incredible features like attendance & leave management, job allocation & tracking, resource cost analysis, invoice generation, recovery tracker, as well as reimbursement management and time tracking of employees. It is an office automation tool that helps you increase your visibility and value as a remote team worker.

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