Discover How a Good Payroll Management System Can Transform Your Business
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Executing payroll on time is an essential part of an HR professional’s duties. One has to make ensure that the workers get paid in a timely manner otherwise you’d end up being inundated with complaints (and you’d most likely want to avoid that scenario, no?). You’d be pleased to know that most modern HR solutions come preloaded with a payroll management system. Let’s find out how a payroll management system goes beyond simply cutting down on menial tasks, smoothing out your onboarding process, and ensuring payments are quick and accurate, shall we?

Payroll Management System for a Business

#1 Reduce Errors

A good payroll solution helps cutting down on errors that may occur in the manual filing of payroll. It helps calculate correct deductions, overtime pay, PTO, and commissions that affect an employee’s pay. Moreover, there’s no risk of mistyping a number or copying incorrect data as you won’t be entering data manually.

#2 Save Time

This is one of the major benefits of implement a payroll management system as it automates repetitive tasks such as inputting data, managing leave requests, or sorting through overtime request.

#3 Enhanced Securities

Keeping employee payroll data on spreadsheets isn’t secure. By switching to an automated payroll solution, you can safeguard your data through encryption, password protection, and other defenses. This will ensure that no one can gain access to the data except you or your team members.

#4 Tax Filing Simplified

Filing taxes is not a piece of cake, especially in India. Every year rules are tweaked, new provisions are implemented which can prove to be cumbersome to keep track of, not to mention time-consuming and costly. A top of the line payroll management solution keeps on top of all these changes in tax policy, calculates the correct tax amount due as well as adhering to deadlines for individual employees.

#5 Employees Self Service

Payroll software worth their salt come equipped with an employee self-service system that allows employees to view and download their salary slips, edit their personal info, file reimbursement claims, apply for loans and advances, as well as leaves.

#6 Save Money

A good payroll software solution is a one-time investment that’ll help you execute a multitude of tasks including but not limited to calculation of employee salaries, reimbursement management, loans and advances meted out to employees, calculation of overtime, bonuses and gratuity, tax declarations, salary slips, as well as full and final settlement of employees. All of the above-mentioned tasks can be automated saving a ton of paperwork, time as well as headache for HR. And as it’s rightly said, time saved is money saved.

Summing Up

So there are a plethora of payroll solutions in the market but one of the best payroll management solutions in the Indian market is Webtel’s HR Pearls. It offers a ton of features such as salary calculation, reimbursement management, loan & advance management, overtime management, bonus calculation, full & final settlement along with a host of other modules that’ll help you carry out all activities pertaining to payroll.

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