Common HR Challenges & Approach them Smartly
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The HR challenges are quite different from regular employees. Most of the times, HR provides the solution for all the struggles face by a regular employee. But have you ever thought about HR in that case? Since a lot around the company depends upon the efficiency of an HR, the person handling this position has to be good at managing hurdles. HR of a company has the biggest asset with them, the employees of the company. So, let us find out what HR challenges are commonly seen in a company and how one should approach these challenges with maximum efficiency.

Common HR Challenges & Approach them Smartly

Hiring the right kind of workforce

Hurdle: Hiring is never easy. As an HR, it is challenging to have a thorough check of the candidate against their previous work experiences and transcripts provided. Even after hiring, it is the role of HR to follow up the hiring as to whether they are adapting well to your company working culture.

Solution: A good HR tool is a solution to this wherein it is possible to backtrack the work records of a particular candidate including their project roles and job allocations. With a proper HRMS tool like the ones from HR Pearls, this hurdle can be easily handled.

Regulation of Rules

Hurdle: It is the job role of an HR to make sure that all the applicable Government laws are followed by their company when it comes to their employees but at the same time checking its practicality and validity against their own company rules.

Solution: So, the key is keeping abreast with the latest Government policies and making sure it is in coherence with the company policies as well. As cumbersome as it sounds, in reality, it is very easy to achieve. With the help of tools like HR Pearls, it is easy to have a thumb on the company laws.

Staying Afloat amid changing Company policies

Hurdle: Being an interconnecting link in the company between management and the workforce, HR has to make sure that the new changes in company rules are smoothly executed. They also have to overlook its impact on the growth of the company in general.

Solution: The best decision in this scenario is adopting a third-party tool like HR Pearls provided by Webtel, that can help you update the company policies and broadcast it to your employees at the same time without having to do the physical footwork to achieve the same.


Hurdle: When an employee leaves his position, they leave a vacuum which creates another set of a rigorous process of hiring the right kind of the replacement, training and making them fit into the company culture. This being a tedious process takes up a lot of valuable company time and effort.

Solution: The solution to this hurdle is to follow up on your employees, checking up that they are being allotted with proper tasks, helped out in those tasks by the right kind of people. On top of all, it is the role of HR to make sure that each employee is given their due credit especially when it comes to appraisals, incentives that help to retain an employee in a company effectively. This is an achievable feat if you adopt HRMS tool from Webtel.


Hurdle: It is a huge responsibility and challenge for an HR to track their employee’s growth and performance to help them reach their full potential and at the same time proving themselves to be a great asset for the company too. It is impossible to retain an employee if they are not given their due credits.

Solution: Rewards, Appreciation, Task goals and compensation are all very effective ways to decipher and bring out the best in an employee and at the same time giving the motivation towards pushing themselves out of their boxes. These can be well-coordinated and followed by using the proper and effective HR tools.

As we part...

Every hurdle is a path to innovation and pushing the limits. Many of the above HR challenges are easy to tackle if provided with the right kind of tool. Fortunately, with the ever-increasing technology in hand, this is a possible feat.

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