10 Slangs HRs Use to Communicate Effectively
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In our day to day conversations we use slang while conversing without even realizing it. They’re so interwoven in our vocabulary that we don’t even realize we’re using colloquialisms. Now for those of you who may not know, slang is a kind of language that uses words or phrases typically used informally, mostly in speech rather than in writing. Say, for example, grass is slang for marijuana. A shy person in the early 20th century was referred to as being a wallflower. You catch the drift? Well, did you know HR reps have their own slang terms that they use exclusively?

Slangs used by HR

More importantly these terms can be used as a code language between different HR persons. Not only these slangs are fun to use but they’ll also help you communicate effectively and secretly.

Let’s dive right in then!

Slangs used by HRs to Communicate Effectively

#1 The Kim Kardashian

This is used to refer to a new recruit who looks great on paper but when it comes to work, they flatter to deceive.

#2 The Teflon Vacancy

Ever had a position at an office which keeps on getting vacated no matter how good a hire you make? Think of an office receptionist. But this can happen to any work vacancy. The point is you keep having to hire for the same position.

#3 The Justin Bieber

This is a tricky one. Even though the Justin Biebers are impressive as hell but ultimately they aren't much liked despite their impressive resumes.

#4 The Purple Squirrel

These are like the rarest of the rare. Basically they tick all the boxes. They have the right qualifications, certificates, relevant work ex and are suited to the vacancy to a T.

#5 The Reality Sandwich

Sometimes HRs is asked to find prospects that may not exist. The job description given to them is so fantastic that they can't help but say to to eat a reality sandwich.

#6 The Al Desko

We’ve all had days when we’re just NOT able to get up from our desks due to insane workload, tight deadlines or you’re simply too engrossed in your work to notice its lunch hour already. In other words, we turn into Al Deskos for those days. Come to think of it, that’s true for present no? Working at home glued to our desks/sofas?

#7 The Onion Peeling

This happens quite regularly so to say. When you’re interviewing a prospect, and you delve deeper into the candidate’s answers to try and figure out what’s underneath all the layers. Hence, peeling the onion!

#8 The Dead Stick

A dead stick occurs when you’ve gone through all possible avenues and tools available to you but try as much as you can you’re not able to fill up that position.

#9 The Golden Handcuffs

Golden handcuffs are used to tie up star performers and the top talent of the company through monetary incentives and cool perks!

#10 The Bridesmaid

Being left at the altar is no fun. The bridesmaids are the ones who are able to clear all the interview rounds but falter at the final step and are unable to seal the deal by getting an offer letter from you. Tough luck!

So now that you’ve discovered a whole new world of secret communique that you can use amongst your fellow HRs, why don’t we let you in on one last hush-hush piece of info?

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