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Good work environment in office

Think it’s safe to say, we are all aware of the stereotypes about introverts and extroverts. These stereotypes however grossly exaggerate certain traits such as introverts being shy bookworms who dislike parties whereas extroverts love being the center of attention and dominating conversations.

What we tend to forget is that real people are more complicated than commonplace clichés. However, with that said, introversion and extroversion are very much real. Both introverts and extroverts have their own unique strengths, the trouble is most workplaces are designed in such a way that rewards extroverts where their social, high energy behaviors get them brownie points from their peers and bosses alike.

Being able to communicate and mingle is challenging be it in a social setting or at the workplace. This is true even more so for people with very different personalities. Extroverts naturally thrive in the spotlight but if they can help out their introverted colleagues, they would learn and realize about their many inherent qualities that make them valuable members of a team.

This is truly possible when we create an organizational culture that works for everyone. But since the majority of us are working remotely, how do we go about providing support to our introverted colleagues?

Effective Tips to Create Better Work Environment

#1 Check if they prefer written communication

This works great for introverts as it gives them time to recollect their thoughts without being put on the spot and they tend to express themselves better this way. So, do ask them if they’re more comfortable communicating through email or Slack. This might prove to be less draining for them compared to answering phone calls, unprompted conversations or endless Zoom meetings.

#2 A new way of brainstorming

Brainstorming is an important way of setting minds to work and come up with great ideas by bouncing ideas off of each other. However, when it comes to introverts, you need to be careful, as competing with other voices can be quite overwhelming for them. Instead, try “brainwriting” or “electronic brainstorming” wherein people can contribute their ideas anonymously in writing which puts much less pressure on introverts compared to typical brainstorming sessions.

#3 Provide flexibility

This is true for both introverts and extroverts. By providing flexibility to your employees, you enable them to create conditions that allow them to do their best work. This is easily possible as the majority of us are working from home where we feel safe and comfortable. If you want, you can simply wake up, switch on your laptop in bed and start working. Or you can go to your designated workplace at home to get in the right mindset when you begin to work. The choice is yours!

Introverts and Extroverts: Coming Together to Work on WebEdge

Collaborating with people who are different from you is one of the things that makes work exciting and rewarding in ways that brings out the best in us. This collaboration takes place between not only coworkers but between employees and the company as well. Take WebEdge for instance. It is a cloud-based ERP that helps you manage your day-to-day activities affording you the flexibility to digitize your operations as well as enhance your firm’s productivity.

It offers everything from the essential - attendance & leave management to job tracking & job allocation as well as the ability to track employee timings and work hours. It is a one-fit solution for all your employee needs.

To Conclude

By providing a flexible working environment to your employees, both the introverts and extroverts can come together to work to create a team that’s stronger than the sum of its parts. All it takes is to appreciate the qualities of one another and the willingness to work together to offer the best of yourselves to your organization.

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