Filing e-TDS and e-TCS returns just got simpler with India's
leading TDS Software!

  • Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ: e-Return & Paper Return.
  • Original & Revised TDS / TCS Statements
  • Generation of e-TDS / e-TCS Return Through Excel Utility in case of Bulk Data.
  • Online TAN Registration at TRACES / TRACES Dashboard
  • Download / Generate Form 16, 12BA, 12BB, Quarterly 16A & 27D.
  • Multi-user option available.

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One-stop Solution for all your
TDS/TCS Management and 'e' Filing Needs

TRACES Integration

Seamlessly integrated with NSDL and TRACES Portal. TRACES requests automation, View of Challan Status, Defaults etc. Certificate’s validation, downloading of justification reports.

Power-Packed Facilities

Facilitates Preparation & E-filing of the TDS & TCS Returns & Correction Statements with proper validations. Also, Web-e-TDS declares the non-filing of TDS Statements.

Import/Export Utility

Webtel TDS Software, through its in-built utility, facilitates all its users to Import or Export required data or information from or to MS-Excel Files / Text File / FVU file.

Advance Default Predictor

Use the Default Analyser model to identify all incorrect PANs & Challans, Short Deductions, Late Payment / Deduction - Interest calculation, Late Fee Calculation.

Smart Solution

Facilitates the preparation of all permissible correction returns, easy corrections in the already filed returns, Form 16 (Part A) & (Part B) merger, Bifurcation of entries where TDS deposited in parts.

Download Utility

Download, generate, & print TDS / TCS certificates, Consolidated FVU File for Correction Statements, Challan File Download & Validation from NSDL FVU, Digitally Signed & E-Mail Form 16/16A etc

Auto-Update Utility

Facilitates the auto-update of TDS software and its integrated File Validation Utility (FVU) as per the recent amendments made by the government.

Return Generation

Generate FVU file in a single click using TDS software integrated File Validation Utility (FVU). Facilitates the auto-download of CSI files.


Data backup and restore facility, Form 3CD report [TDS section], Pay TAX online – AutoFill, Option for finding BSR codes, Monthly TDS calculator for Salary.

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Save Yourself from Defaults and Notices

Defaults can prove to be very costly. It disturbs mental peace. By use of Web-e-TDS, you can avoid defaults such as Incorrect PANs, Short deduction of taxes, late payment, delay in filing of returns

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TDS is No More Tedious Now

Web-e-TDS simplifies the process of generating forms 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ or printing TDS certificates in Form 16/16A from the beginning till the end. It facilitates easy corrections in the already filed e-TDS returns. Web-e-TDS is an authorised TDS service provider by NSDL which ensures smooth filing of TDS / TCS Returns.

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Looking for a tool that can predict your TDS defaults in advance?

Implement TDS-ADP in your organization and avoid penalties, interest, and the trouble of filing regular and correction statements both.

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Webtel TDS solution is a one-stop solution for all your TDS/TCS management and 'e' Filing needs

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Listed on TIN-NSDL as a Software Provider for 'e' Filing of TDS.

Support Team

End-to-end assistance in filing TDS / TCS Returns smoothly & on-time.

One-stop Solution for complete TDS/TCS

Single solution for all TDS/TCS needs that helps in getting rid of all TDS / TCS related struggles. Tool helps you to take corrective measures for an error-free TDS / TCS return.

User Friendly, Accurate & Secure

Web-e-TDS is a desktop-based solution with easy-to-use interfaces to prepare error free returns. 100% guaranteed safety and data security.

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