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Ensure the best automated bulk digital signing of PDF in your enterprise, with an advanced and seamless e-signing solution – Web-e-Sign.

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Process Flow of Webtel’s Bulk PDF e-Signing Solution

We provide you with an easy-to-use interface to sign documents digitally,
with our reliable bulk pdf digital signing solution.

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What Makes Web-e-Sign the Best Bulk e-Signature Solution for Enterprises?

Web-e-Sign provides you with a simple user interface with the following robust features that support every enterprise with fast & seamless digital signing in bulk.

Web Interface

Web–Interface with Logs and Reports

Web-interface to track all activities like batch time schedule, log sheets, mail settings etc.


Signing Facilities with Collaboration

One Solution for multiple signature at one click. You can align 50 Authorized Signatories for affixing their digital signature on documents.

signing ai

Signing with Auto Intelligence

One time setting to the configuration and scheduling documents for signing adds automation to the signing process.

perfect Solution

Perfect Solution Even for Non-ERP Users

Even a NON-ERP user can use the solution by manually affixing digital signature to various documents.

Web Interface

ERP Integration Through API/T-Code

Seamless Integration with any ERP through API and T-Code mode. All assistance is given from API/T-Code documentation to the implementation process

Sending Documents

Sending Signed Documents

Web-e-Sign helps to email the signed pdf documents to the requisite department e.g. Appointment letters etc. can be e-mailed to HR department and invoices to Accounts department.


Enhanced Security with Anti-Tampering of Signature

With Web-e-Sign you get the enhanced security where all activities on a document are tracked, time-stamped, and are free from tampering/ manipulation/ alteration.

document signer

Document Signer Certificate

We provide document signer certificate issued in the name of Organization which is issued by Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) for server level signature (Integrated Signature Solution).

Key Features of our Fast & Reliable PDF e-Signature Solution

Here are some of the key features that make Web-e-Sign an ideal
with our reliable bulk pdf electronic signing solution for every enterprise.

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User-Friendly Dashboards with Logs & Reports

With our bulk e-signing solution, signing of logs and reports can be maintained to help administrator to check authenticity of signer.

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Add an Advanced Automation in your Bulk e–Signing Process

Once signatory profile is configured, our bulk digital signing application signs PDF file automatically according to user’s preferred location, that makes it a better e-signing solution as compared to other solutions available.

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How Web-e-Sign Simplifies Bulk Digital Signing of PDFs?

Here is the integrated technical diagram of our bulk PDF e-signing solution.

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Convenience, Choice & Compliance in One Ready-to-Deploy Bulk Digital Signing Solution

Web-e-Sign is an easy-to-use, compliant and powerful bulk e-signing solution that facilitates the signing of single/multiple PDF documents with the document signer certificate issued by any Certifying Authority in India.

This is a complete digital signature software solution that quickly, safely, and securely signs any pdf document in an encrypted format.

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Automate Bulk Digital Signing with Web-e-Sign

Web-e-Sign is the ultimate solution that allows users to sign single or bulk PDF documents using Digital Signature Certificates (DSC tokens).
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Brands that Trust Web-e-Sign as their Ideal e-Signing Solution

Here are the leading brands that have trusted our bulk pdf e-signing solution for ensuring hassle-free signing of their single or bulk PDF documents.

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Leading Brands are Transforming their Business Processes with Web-e-Sign

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