Stepping in India, GST will impact Tax Structure, Payment of Tax, Computation of Tax, Tax Incidence, etc. thus bringing a complete reform in the Indian Economy. GST is going to bring so many Vast changes in Taxation System such as:

  • Subsume the Central and State level Taxes, like-Central Excise duty, Additional Excise duty, Service tax, Additional Custom duty and Special Additional duty, VAT or sales tax, Central Sales tax, Entertainment tax, Entry tax, Purchase tax, Luxury tax
  • Levy of IGST on inter-State supply of goods and services.
  • Levy of basic customs duty and IGST on Import of goods and such other changes……..

To clear out the confusion and ambiguity due to Goods and Service Tax, GST-e-Learning is one more step by Webtel with a vision to increase the compatibility with New Tax System.

With GST-e-Learning, we have the picture to prepare the readers & learners, all the vast & core features about GST, making them a Professional on GST.

The Learning solution provides you:

  • The know-how, Rules, Implications, Tax liabilities at one place so that you don’t need to access & read various weblinks and books on GST
  • GST in the most interesting & simplest way
  • Video classes, Web classes, Understanding through Power-Point Presentations, Flowcharts, Animations & Images
  • Module-wise division based on Registration of GST, Applicability of GST, Tax Incidences of GST and such other modules accordingly
  • Various Levels of GST for every learner i.e. Beginners’ Level, Executive Level, Advanced Level
  • Evaluation after the Modules
  • Certification on Completion of course

Through GST-e-Learning, you get:

  • the confidence about Goods and Service Tax,
  • Have an edge over other Professionals
  • Get the Expertise on whole of the GST Scenario