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MCA 'e' Filing

(A Complete Software Solution for MCA Annual Filing)

  • Automatic Import of Company Master Data through CIN.
  • Automatic Import of Director Data through DIN.
  • No need to punch financial data separately for Current Year & Previous year in Form.
  • Auto-Tagging of data from the Previous Year.
  • Easy mapping of data from B/S & P&L A/c in Excel in software.
  • Import the List of Directors from one company to another.
  • Easy Creation of Form (AOC-4) & (MGT-7) from the software.
  • Easy data import from P.Y to C.Y for the form AOC-4 and MGT-7.
  • No need to refill form in case of any error/up gradation in form, export data to new form on single click.
  • Easy data import from filled forms for AOC-4 and MGT-7 (Single and Multiple Form Import) in the Current Year.
  • Facility to generate E-Forms(INC-29,DIR-3,GNL-2,GNL-3,PAS-3,SH-7,CHG-1,CHG-4,INC-22,MGT-14,DIR-12,ADT-1,DPT-3,MGT-15) from the Software.
  • Preparation and Maintenance of E-Registers(MBP-2, MBP-3, SH-6, SH-10, SH-3, CHG-7, MBP-4, SH-2, SH-6) etc.
  • Import the Details of Auditor from one company to another Company.
  • Reduce data duplicacy by importing the details of certifying authority of the Company from the Certification Master.
  • Pre-drafted Resolutions as per Companies Act, 2013.
  • Preparation of Minutes, Notices as per Companies Act, 2013
  • Inbuilt Validation to prevent errors.
  • No need to Punch Zeros Manually.
  • Facility to Add/Edit Footnotes.
  • Facility for Back up & Restoration of Data.
  • Facility for Live Update.
  • Raise Online Tickets for Quick Solutions.