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In today's fast-paced business environment, ERP applications such as SAP are essential to your business. However, Using SAP is time consuming, complex, and effort intensive to modify, and customize to your business processes.

With the dynamic business situations, owing to evolving business processes and changing government regulations, managing and efficiently running the SAP landscape is becoming challenging.

To cope up with these challenges and successfully maintain their SAP environment, we, as one of the leading SAP managed service partners, provide our expertise with effective SAP solutions & SAP services to help businesses streamline their work processes, reduce their total cost of ownership, and achieve their business goals.

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Webtel as a SAP Managed Service Partner

We focus on not just defining the support model,
but in building an approach for leveraging SAP and enabling transformation with seamless SAP solutions.

Why Choose Webtel for SAP Services & Solutions?

Webtel Electrosoft Pvt Ltd is into SAP Enterprise Solutions and Services since more than two decades. While serving thousands of corporate customers, we witnessed certain challenges faced by them, major ones being absence of compliance and Business Intelligence functionalities in ERPs like SAP, ORACLE, NAV etc.

Being experts in Compliance and BI tools, we decided to address the same and successfully delivered ERP integrated solutions for GST, E-INVOICE and E-WAY BILL from the past 3-4 years. Since then, our customer's enquiries are on exponential rate for Compliance/BI integrated solutions, thus we decided to expand and incorporate Webtel Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Webtel Electrosoft Pvt. Ltd. which is being headed by Mr. Sachin Jain as CEO, who has an experience of over 15 years in SAP Enterprise Solutions.

While, we are already providing SAP AMS Services to various corporates, we have also developed SAP Enterprise Solutions like SAP TDS Compliance and Reconciliation, SAP Barcoding and traceability, SAP Deals and Discounts Management, SAP 'e' Signer, SAP EXIM, SAP SMS Alerts and many more SAP solutions along with expert SAP consulting services.

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Webtel SAP Integrated Solutions
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SAP Expertise and administration provided by Webtel Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a
subsidiary of Webtel Electrosoft Pvt. Ltd., are centered on business outcomes for our
customers via patched-up SAP solutions and consulting services.

SAP GST Compliance and Reconciliation

Webtel premium GST compliance tool Integrated with SAP

SAP TDS Compliance and Reconciliation

Webtel premium TDS compliance tool Integrated with SAP.

SAP 'e' Signer

Webtel Premium e-signing solution Integrated with SAP.

SAP E-Way Bill and E-Invoicing

Webtel e-way bill & e-invoicing tool Integrated with SAP

SAP Barcoding and Traceability

End to end Barcoding and Traceability in SAP.


A Package to Handle Export-Import processes in SAP.


SAP AMS Support

SAP Deals and Discounts Management

A Deals and Discounts handling Package for SAP.

SAP SMS Alerts

Webtel Premium SMS Service Integrated with SAP.

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Webtel's SAP capabilities and services are focused on business outcomes for our customers.
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