XBRL Outsourcing Services

We are the most reputed and preferred brand for conversion of Financial Statements into XBRL. Since we are among the First ones in India to recognize and understand XBRL, we are having the experience of delivering more than 200 Seminars, Webinars and Workshops, we are Masters of XBRL.

With Webtel (Having Recognitions from MCA,ICAI,ICSI,& HMRC) you get the confidence that your financials are going in right hands.

Our Team of professionals having expertise over the Xtensible Business Reporting Language takes care of your financials, ensuring the Best compliances.

While doing XBRL conversion we take care of the following -
  • Analysing your Annual Report information
  • Comparing the Financials with XBRL standard checklist
  • Getting additional information mandatorily required as per XBRL Business Rules
  • Converting Financial Statement information into XBRL mode by mapping/tagging- selecting the best appropriate tag from taxonomy for the line item provided in financial statements through Web –XBRL Software by experienced XBRL experts
  • Review of PDF of XBRL data by Senior XBRL Experts
  • Tagging accuracy & Quality Control checks by Team of Professionals
  • Validation of Instance Document through MCA Validation Tool and removing all the validation errors
  • Pre-scrutiny of Instance Document through MCA Validation Tool
  • Certifying the document by Practicing Professional
  • Seeing that AOC-4 XBRL is successfully filed with MCA.