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  • 24/01/2024
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E-Invoicing in Egypt: A Complete Overview

As part of Egypt's ambitious vision for Digital Transformation by 2030 and the ongoing ETA Reform Programme, the Ministry of Finance and the Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA) are leading an initiative to modernize tax information management. An integral step in this transformation is the introduction of digital processing for invoices and receipts, aligning with the country's commitment to improving governmental services. This transformative endeavor is set to enhance overall efficiency and transparency, providing both short-term and long-term benefits for taxpayers and the economy.

eInvoicing & eReceipt Platform

The eInvoicing & eReceipt platform is a central solution integral to the ETA Reform Programme. It aims to revolutionize the management of trading transactions between companies (B2B) and between companies and consumers (B2C) by facilitating the instant exchange of invoice and receipt data in a digital format.

Ministerial Decision No. (188) for 2020 has been issued to bind the tax society to the eInvoice system, marking a significant step towards achieving Egypt's Digital Transformation goals.

Expected Benefits:

1. Streamlined Taxpayer Assessment: Full digital processing of invoices and receipts will simplify taxpayer assessment processes, reducing administrative burdens.

2. Simplification of Declaration +Submission: The platform will simplify the submission of declarations, making it more efficient and user-friendly for taxpayers.

3. Comprehensive Reports and Insights: The platform promises to offer detailed reports and insights at both the company and economic activity levels, contributing to informed decision-making.

4. Improved Digital Taxpayer Experience: Taxpayers can expect an enhanced digital experience, with validation of invoice and receipt items before issuance.

5. Encouraging Formal Compliance: Short-term benefits include the classification of companies as low-risk profiles, facilitating inter-company settlements, and supporting CPA reviews for financial statements.

Solution Overview:

User Groups and Interaction Elements: The solution involves taxpayers, tax authority employees, and various interaction elements, creating a comprehensive eInvoicing & eReceipt overview.

High-Level Architecture: The architecture encompasses system integration, notifications management, and a digital taxpayer profile. It aligns with modern principles such as externalized identity, standards-based interfaces, and asynchronous processing.

Integration Approach: The integration approach follows modern principles, including externalized identity, standards-based interfaces, asynchronous processing, and data protection.

Integration Process: The integration process involves steps such as registering a digital profile, receiving invitations, configuring API access credentials, and obtaining eSeal X.509 certificates. Everyday interactions include calling identity management systems, making API calls, and receiving notifications.


Egypt's eInvoicing & eReceipt platform marks a significant stride towards a digitally transformed tax landscape. With its promise of enhanced efficiency, transparency, and taxpayer experience, this initiative is poised to play a pivotal role in realizing Egypt's broader vision for Digital Transformation by 2030. As taxpayers and authorities embrace this modern solution, Egypt anticipates a more streamlined and effective tax ecosystem that aligns with international best practices.

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