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e-Invoicing in Malaysia

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Malaysia Takes Step Towards e-Invoicing

The Malaysian Tax Authority, the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia/ Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN), and the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) are set to introduce electronic invoicing regulations in the country by August 2024. The e-invoicing in Malaysia will be implemented in a phased manner, and it will be mandatory to generate e-invoices for B2B, B2C, and B2G. For B2G transactions.

Implementation Timeline

The planned implementation timeline for the e-invoicing system in Malaysia is as follows:
August 2024: e-invoicing for taxpayers with an annual turnover exceeding MYR 100 million.
January 2025: e-invoicing for taxpayers with an annual turnover exceeding MYR 25 million.
July 2025: e-invoicing for all other taxpayers.

Generation Process

The e-Invoices can be generated automatically via Webtel's e-Invoicing Solution in XML and JSON format. Our solution software is integrated with eInvois Portal for seamless invoice validation and generation of a Unique Identifier Number (UIN) and QR Code.

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How does Webtel's e-Invoicing Software Work?

Here is the process flow and integration structure of the standard and simplified e-Invoicing in Malaysia.

Fast and Secure e-Invoicing Solution in Malaysia

Generate e-invoices in just a few clicks with Webtel's fast and seamless e-invoicing software. With the help of our solution, you can get e-invoicing ready in just a few days and enjoy the fastest e-invoice generation. Drop the worries of e-invoice generation as per IRBM guidelines with our e-Invoicing software.

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Ensure 100% Accuracy in e-Invoice Generation

Webtel's e-Invoicing solution offers multiple auto-validation of data to ensure 100% accuracy and compliance with Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) requirements. Our e-invoicing solution for Malaysia facilitates data accuracy and seamless e-invoice generation to meet the IRBM e-invoicing standards.

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Take a Step Towards Digitalisation

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia has introduced the e-invoicing mandate to digitalize and enhance tax administration management in Malaysia. The implementation of e-Invoicing will improve the quality of services and reduce compliance costs to taxpayers while increasing the efficiency of business operations.

Webtel's e-invoicing software ensures 100% compliance with IRBM regulations and facilitates seamless integration with any ERP for a seamless invoicing experience.

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What Makes Webtel’s e-Invoicing Solution Better?

Webtel's invoice generation software offers a range of features for an accurate invoice generation experience.

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