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What is Phase 2 of ZATCA e-Invoicing in KSA?

Phase 2 of e-Invoicing in Saudi Arabia is concerned with integrating the taxpayers invoice generation software with that of the ZATCA system to share the e-invoice data. Here, the seller gets the invoice cleared from the ZATCA system and then shares the approved invoices with the customers.

Implementation Date and Applicability of Phase 2

Phase 2 (integration phase) shall be implemented starting from 1st of January 2023, for taxpayers with a taxable turnover of more than SAR 3 billion in the calendar year 2021.

Requirements of Phase 2

As against Phase 1 of e-Invoicing, additional technical requirements have been laid down for e-Invoicing Phase 2, that e-invoicing software must comply with,such as UUID, e-Invoice Hash, Cryptographic Stamp, and so on.

How does Webtel's ZATCA e-Invoicing Solution Work?

We have successfully helped big brands to comply with ZATCA e-Invoicing guidelines and ensured a seamless generation of e-Invoices (FATOORAH). Here are the features that make us the best e-Invoicing software provider in Saudi Arabia.

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What makes Webtel's ZATCA e-Invoicing Solution Better?

We have successfully helped big brands to comply with ZATCA e-Invoicing guidelines and ensured a seamless generation of e-Invoices (FATOORAH). Here are the features that make us the best e-Invoicing software provider in Saudi Arabia.

Fast and Secure e-Invoicing Solution

Generate e-Invoices in just a few clicks with Webtel's fast and seamless ZATCA e-Invoicing solution. With the help of our solution, you can get e-Invoicing ready in just a few days and enjoy the fastest e-Invoice generation. Drop the worries of e-Invoice generation in ZATCA phase 2 with our e-Invoicing solution.

Your data security is a top notch priority for us. Our ZATCA e-Invoicing solution offers 100% data security with real-time monitoring, high-grade data encryption, and up to 7 years of data archivig to ensure that your e-Invoicing data is always protected.

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Ensure 100% Accuracy in e-Invoice Generation

Webtel's e-Invoicing solution offers multiple auto-validation of data to ensure 100% accuracy and compliance with ZATCA requirements. Our e-Invoicing solution for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia facilitates data accuracy and seamless e-Invoice generation to meet the ZATCA e-Invoicing standards.

Moreover, by the means of auto validation, Webtel's e-Invoicing Solution for KSA reduces the amplitude of procedural errors, and hence, facilities reduced the cost of operations and manual efforts of data validation.

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Take a Step Towards Digitalisation

e-Invoicing was introduced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the objective of improving the efficiency of the invoice generation process for taxpayers and regulating the taxation process in KSA. As a part of the ongoing digital transformation in KSA's Vision 2030, e-Invoicing is a vital initiative by ZATCA for a better invoicing process.

We at Webtel have successfully backed various organizations through phase 1 of e-Invoicing in KSA, to take their business towards digitalization and be a part of Vision 2030.

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Seamless Integration of ZATCA e-Invoicing Solution with ERPs

We improve your e-Invoicing journey by providing e-Invoicing software that seamlessly integrates with your organization's ERP. Watch this video now to see how our ZATCA e-Invoicing solution gets integrated with SAP.

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Phase II of e-invoicing in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was implemented on 1st January 2023.

Phase 2 of e-Invoicing in KSA will be implemented in waves,
The first wave of e-Invoicing in KSA was announced on 24th June 2022 that included organizations with an annual turnover exceeding SAR 3 Billion for the year 2021
The second wave will be implemented on 1st July 2023 and include organizations with an annual turnover greater than SAR 5 Million and less than SAR 3 Billion.

Standard Tax Invoices are issued for B2B and B3G transactions whereas Simplified Tax Invoices are used for B2C transactions.

All the human-readable data fields in the e-Invoices must be in Arabic. However, e-Invoices can be bilingual and include English.

Yes, Webtel's e-Invoicing is compliant with the e-Invoicing Phase 2 requirements in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Yes, Webtel's ZATCA e-Invoicing Solution allows you to generate both Standard Tax Invoices and Simplified Tax Invoices.

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