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As per a study by BCG, "In most B2B industries, discounts represent a company’s largest marketing investment, often amounting to 30% or more of list-price sales"

The Broad Categorization Of Sales Schemes/Discounts Is

On Invoice Discounts / Rebates

Post Invoice or Post-Facto Discounts / Rebates are also known as Time-Bound Schemes

The benefit realized by the customer from any discount/ scheme can range from a direct reduction in ownership cost of material purchased or a cash/kind benefit based on the volume/ relationship value.

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The ultimate aim of the business to launch a discount/scheme is NOT only to garner higher sales but also to place their material at the marketing counter or even sometimes to offload the material before it reaches its expiry date.

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Placement Scheme

This is the scheme where a fixed due date (very long term) is given to the customer as part of the special placement scheme. This is common in the case of enterprises that deal in seasonal products.

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Many organizations go with various types of free goods as a special scheme. These can range from giving the extra quantity of the material (inclusive scheme) to giving any other material free with the sale (exclusive scheme).

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