Get the EDGE for your Firm with Web-EDGE (Employee’s Direction for Growth & Efficiency)

1.Click On The Link 'E-TDS Update'
2.Click On 'Save To Download The File 'New TDS Gold(Q)+'.
Click 'Save' To Save The File.
Double Click 'New TDS Gold(Q)+' & Then 'TDS.Exe'.  (Make it sure that TDS software is not running)
5. Press Unzip To Update The Software.

E-TDS Update.   
   Software update Revision Number - 102.3     (Release Dated: 20/05/2020)
E-TDS Revise Return Update.   
   Software update Revision Number - 4.8     (Release Dated: 01/05/2020)
Click here for New Import Dll Setup   
Update required when Txt / Consolidated file import in software is not successful.

Web-TDSADP 7.1   

Download 64 bit MySQL ODBC 3.51      
Download WatchMe             Download Framework 2.0       Download Framework 2.0      
Current FVU Version 6.6 (Onwards F.Y. 2010-11)      
Current FVU Version 2.162 (Upto F.Y. 2009-10)