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Manually identifying stuck-off companies can be time-consuming and take up a lot of effort. With Webtel's solution, you can easily identify MCA stuck-off companies without having to spend hours manually identifying MCA Stuck-Off Companies.

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Disclosure Requirement as per MCA for Struck-Off Companies

You must be aware that Revised Schedule III of the Companies Act, 2013 (Notification dated 24 March 2021) is applicable for financial statements prepared from FY 2021-22 onwards. Among other things, it is mandatory for a company to disclose the prescribed details, if it has any transactions with companies struck off under section 248 or 560 o f the Companies Act, 2013.

Following transactions are covered,

Receivables Payables Investments in securities

Shares held by a stuck-off company Others (to be specified)

The Following Particulars are to be Disclosed in Such Case:

Name of the
Struck-off company

Relationship with the
struck-off company

Nature of Transactions
with such company


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