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  • 25/04/2024
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Relief for TDS/TCS Deductors on PAN-Aadhaar Linkage

CBDT Circular No. 6: Relief for TDS/TCS Deductors on PAN-Aadhaar Linkage

In the ever-evolving landscape of taxation, navigating the complexities of compliance can often feel like traversing a labyrinth without a map. However, a recent beacon of hope has emerged for taxpayers grappling with the intricacies of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and Tax Collected at Source (TCS) deductions amidst the PAN-Aadhaar linkage saga. Enter Circular No. 6, a directive unveiled by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on April 23, 2024, offering much-needed relief measures for deductors and collectors facing challenges due to PAN inoperability.


Since July 1, 2023, taxpayers have been required to deduct or collect TDS/TCS at a higher rate if the PAN of the deductee is inoperative due to non-linkage with Aadhaar. This mandate, while aimed at streamlining tax compliance, has inadvertently burdened deductors and collectors with increased compliance burdens and notices for short deductions.


Circular No. 6 aims to alleviate the burden on deductors and collectors grappling with PAN-Aadhaar linkage challenges. By providing relief measures and a grace period for rectifying PAN-Aadhaar linkage issues, the directive seeks to offer clarity and respite to taxpayers navigating the intricate web of tax regulations.

Relief Measures:

Relief for Transactions Until March 31, 2024: Deductors and collectors can breathe a sigh of relief as Circular No. 6 ensures that they will not be treated as defaulters for transactions conducted until March 31, 2024. This provision offers a lifeline to taxpayers who have faced notices for short deductions due to PAN inoperability.

No Liability with PAN-Aadhaar Linkage by May 31, 2024: The directive provides an opportunity for deductors and collectors to rectify PAN-Aadhaar linkage issues without incurring additional tax liabilities. If the PAN of the deductee is linked with Aadhaar and becomes operative by May 31, 2024, there will be no liability to deduct or collect tax at a higher rate under sections 206AA/206CC.

Notice Resolution: Prompt action is advised for deductors and collectors who have received notices for short deductions due to PAN inoperability. Resolving these notices before the deadline can mitigate adverse consequences and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
Post-April 1, 2024:

For transactions occurring on or after April 1, 2024, ensuring the validity of PAN linked with Aadhaar becomes crucial. Utilizing the facilities provided by the income tax portal for verifying PAN-Aadhaar linkage can help taxpayers navigate compliance requirements effectively and avoid unnecessary penalties.

In conclusion, Circular No. 6 by the CBDT serves as a beacon of relief and clarity for TDS/TCS deductors grappling with PAN-Aadhaar linkage issues. By leveraging the grace period and relief measures outlined in the directive, taxpayers can navigate the intricacies of tax compliance with confidence and avoid undue penalties. As we move forward, let us embrace these provisions as tools to navigate the ever-changing landscape of taxation with ease and efficiency.

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