Benefits of Generating e-Way Bills in an Integrated Environment
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e-Way-Bill is an electronic document for the movement of goods from a supplier to the recipient. With the world turning digital, e-Way-Bill made its way.

Benefits of generating e-Way-Bills in an integrated environment

Till now people used government portal to generate e-Way-Bill, but Webtel Electrosoft through its integrated add-ons provide more enhanced facilities such as:

  1. GST being a consumption-based tax, maintaining manual filing of everything was cumbersome. Tracing of the transaction right from the point of origin till consumption is of paramount importance. With Webtel Electrosoft integrating all the compliances with no manual work, does not only save time and efforts but is also environment friendly.

  2. Improper generation of generate e-Way-Bill and incorrect documentation can lead to fees and various penalties under section 122 and 129 of GST Act.

  3. For using e-Way-Bill software you don’t need to completely re-engineer the way you work, rather Webtel Electrosoft provides seamless integration with the existing accounting or ERP Software.

  4. An increase in comfort does bring its fair share of consequences with it. Data being digitalized are prone to leakage and hacks. If there's a problem, there's a solution too. Webtel provides 100% data security as they were the authorised GST Suvidha Providers by the GSTN.

  5. Every work that involves human brain and intervention is subject to some flaws and errors. e-Way-Bill integration with Webtel Electrosoft provides multiple data validation checks to ensure error-free work.

    GST law mandates 6-digit HSN code, Webtel makes sure that all the information is passed through the criteria before the bill is generated, hence there is no scope of fraud or mis-leading data.

  6. Unlike traditional methods of vouching through each bill separately and devoting a whole lot of time, Webtel Electrosoft now allows bulk processing of bills through existing ERP which enables bulk generation of e-Way-Bills.

  7. Webtel’s e-Way-Bill integration is easy and simple to use. You can even schedule a demo on the Webtel Electrosoft page, and they will drive you with all the information that you need to know. Apart from this, Webtel Electrosoft also provides you end-to-end assistance with easy query resolution.

  8. The business world being so dynamic and the governing law being ever changing, Webtel’s e-Way-Bill integrating solution at Webtel is updated as quickly as is required. Sometimes there is lag in policy updating with different software providers, but at Webtel it’s real quick.

So, when you think of e-Way-Bill think of Webtel Electrosoft, one roof destination for all your e-Way-Bill generation.

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