The Ultimate Guide on Key HRMS Modules to boost your HR Management
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Gone are the days when managing the work of HR manually could do a miracle! Today, it is simply not enough, in any case, to manage HR responsibilities along with the employee lifecycle via manual approach.

Thus, HR groups require automation to further grow competence in employees’ lifecycle management. This is due to the abundance of HR capacities pertaining to employee management of several employees in the company.

As a result, human resource management system software is becoming increasingly important for small, medium-sized, and large-scale endeavors. It gives the administration an overall working outline at the company, team, and individual level of the person. It even helps in automating all cycles of processes involved for making better decisions.

Keeping all other things aside, many times companies choose the software that offers less utility and consumes more time, primarily because they are not well aware of the modules in HRMS software.

But don't worry, because in this blog we will elaborately define all the HRMS Software components that will help HR managers to take up a completely ideal software to boost their HR management.

Boost Your HR Management With Key HRMS Modules

As the HRMS software market is always redefining itself, it is critical for companies to have a keen understanding of the important modules that a human resource management system should have to provide your company with the desired efficiency. The key HRMS modules are as followed:

1. Attendance Device Module: This module is basically used to automate the attendance process in an organization. Here we can connect the multiple devices with the software and download the attendance accordingly. Also, we can set an automatic scheduler in order to prevent manual downloading. There are also a variety of reports available in the software.

Attendance Module in HR and Payroll Management Solution

Top functionalities should be covered under this module are:

  • Allowance to connect the biometric device from payroll software for easy employee mapping with Employees Enrollment ID saved in attendance device. It also smoothens the process of backup and restoring device data.

  • Automation in downloading attendance tasks on a daily basis at a fixed time to fetch the report of Daily Auto-Attendance.

  • Auto-scheduling program of self-executing late arrival or absent mails to all employees and fetching the status report of scheduled tasks.

  • Marking, downloading, importing, and loading of manual attendance of any employee for a particular date & time to save it for salary processing.

  • Fetching disparate attendance reports to extract the day-wise or period-wise attendance records of employees along with the late-in & early-out statements for a particular duration.

  • Setting up a biometric device synchronization mechanism with payroll software.

2. HR Utility Module: This module is used to generate the various types of reports (leave reports, comparative reports, left/joined employees reports), and also we can generate the different types of letters (offer letter, appointment letter, confirmation letter).

HR Utility Module in HR and Payroll Management Solution

Top functionalities should be covered under this module are:

  • Report generation of sanctioned, rejected, booked, employee-wise leave of all the employees for a particular period.

  • Generation and exportation of leave eligibility registers, compensatory and monthly leave detailed reports of either all the employees or one or a few employee(s) from the list of employee(s).

  • Checking of the task and E-mail report.

  • Creation of pre-defined content template for:

  • ○ Mail

    ○ Offer Letter

    ○ Appointment Letter

    ○ Confirmation Letter

    ○ Acceptance of Resignation Letter

    ○ Relieving Letter

    ○ Experience Letter

    ○ Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

    ○ Personal Information Form

    ○ Interview Assessment Sheet

  • Report generation of a registered, newly joined, recently left of either all the employees or one or few employee(s) from the List of employee(s).

  • Generation of Identity Cards for various employees and appointment letters of the particular employee from the List of employee(s).

  • Exportation of detailed reports of left and joined employees periodically and salary as per employee wise monthly, employee wise comparative, and department wise.

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3.MIS Report: This module shows different types of reports like employee personal details, salary details, reimbursement details, accrual report, wages & advance, bonus register, F&F details, leave encashment, etc.

MIS Report Module in HR and Payroll Management Solution

Top functionalities should be covered under this module are:

  • Allowance to the export of Employee’s Personal Data & CTC data in excel, report of PAN status, details of Employee’s Qualification, Experience, Family and Statutory Applicability.

  • Overviewing of salary details by viewing and exporting CTC reports of employees, Salary details for a particular month, period-wise, annually, reports of increment, performance incentive, and journal voucher.

  • Overviewing of reimbursement data of the entire financial year or selected period and to export various reports of Increment.

  • Setting of the heads, fields, necessary adjustments, generate & export of the Accrual Report.

  • Exportation of wages & advance register.

  • Reporting of Tax Declaration of Rent Amount, Investment Amount of employees., Tax Investment Proofs of employees, landlord details of employees, pending investment bills pending of employees.

  • Report of the Bonus Register, Leave Encashment, and TDS of employees.

  • Extracting the details of Full & Final Data and Next Payment Data for a particular duration.

4. Training Module: This module is to conduct and record the training of the employees in an organization. The training can be for multiple products/topics for the employees, wherein the user can also create multiple sessions including different employees for different sessions. This helps HR to keep track of the training that is required and is conducted in the organization, and even the employees are aware of the trainings they are required to attend.

Training Module in HR and Payroll Management Solution

Top functionalities should be covered under this module are:

  • Trainer can check the details regarding the training like Trainer Type, company name, Trainer Code, and other related information.

  • Choice can be made upon the type of training product to be given to the employees by updating the details in the Product Code & Product Name.

  • Product Topic, Training Course Topics, and Training Plan can be selected in order to create the topic of the training.

  • Changing of Planning Status, Scheduling of Training, Updation of Participant Status can be done along with the summarized report of the training scheduled between particular dates and even multiple training reports as per the requirement.

5. Business Trip Module: This module is basically for keeping a track of all the business trips made by employees. An employee can apply for a business trip in order to get the Advance amount by submitting their bills post their trip through their ESS Portal.

Travel Module in HR and Payroll Management Solution

Top functionalities should be covered under this module are:

  • Details regarding the business trip names and business trip types can be entered.

  • It is possible to keep an eye on employees’ eligibility according to their designation, management of the fields which are required, and maintaining the details of the clients and the vendors.

  • New business travel requests, sanctions, or modifications of the business trip beforehand, editing the travel trip, and viewing the period-wise report of Business Trip can be done.

Along with these top 5 modules mentioned above, there are some more modules like Compliance Reports, Mobile Application Manual, ESS Portal, etc. which are integral to both Human Resource Management System and Payroll Management System that on the whole constitute the top tier HR Management Software, which is every HR manager's dream.

Thus, HR Pearls came into being to make this divine blessing come true and possible. It's a one-stop solution for overcoming all of the issues and failures encountered while managing people and resources. To arrange a free demo or a one-to-one interaction, get in touch with our professionals by clicking here or by contacting us directly through mail at or call on 7303393220.

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