Importance Of Digital Signing In FY 2022-23
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Digital Signature has revolutionized as diverse as industries and professionals. Although the legal field has formerly relied on paper, the importance of Digital Signing in FY 2022-23 has gradually adjusted to new developments including the trending 'digital signature' that allows achieving better competence in day-to-day tasks.

Until now, the workflow for the divisions of legitimate specialists has been tedious. It was necessary to print the reports, manually sign, inspect, send by email or fax to the client, stand by to get them with their mark, and record them after they had been copied a few times. As a result, there were significant paper costs and time-consuming work processes at the workspace that slowed down the validation and singing process of the documents by the respective clients.

Importance Of Digital Signing In FY 2022-23

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Advantages Of Digital Signing

For the above-mentioned difficulties, the number of legitimate divisions and legal specialists started opting to digital signing in FY 2022-23 thorough software solutions like Web-e-Sign for the following features:

  • User Management: Create and manage users inside their organizational set-up and activity logs for monitoring of all user accounts and actions.

  • Manage Workflows: Admin defines the order of signing, removing users or signers to your custom document signing & approval lifecycle workflows.

  • Sign Stamp: Customers can affix the signature stamp as part of their signature profile, where required to facilitate secure and locally acceptable document formats.

  • Online Signing: Send, track status, and sign anywhere anytime.

  • Bulk Signing: Send bulk documents instantly for signing in one single workflow in one go.

  • Configurable Signature: Configuration of signature appearance is made easy like (on first/last/all pages) on the document.

  • API Integration: Integrate powerful document signing capability into your company’s existing system and workflows.

  • Faster ROI: Reduce operational costs on printing, scanning, faxing & shipping.

  • Signer Identity: Create signer identities for multiple signers.

  • Batch: Create a batch to make the signing convenient.

Why Choose Webtel’s Web-E-Sign For Digital Signing?

Web-e-Sign is the complete software solution for bulk signing. Webtel’s Web-e-Sign has a simple user interface with robust features like:

  • The signing of single/multiple documents on a single click

  • Placing of the signature can be defined for any number of documents

  • Document signing by an authorized person from anywhere

  • Digitally signed documents and not through scanned signature

  • Highly secure based on cryptographic technique

  • Storing the signatures on servers and only authorized person can access his/her signature

  • Signing logs are maintained to help administrators check the authenticity of the signer

  • Generating pdf from defined formats

  • Mailing facility to email signed documents

  • Encrypting to ensure document security

  • Creating MIS tool containing features like documents pending signature, documents signed, and documents mailed.

  • Signed documents can be printed at any time

Thus, Web-e-Sign is an easy-to-use, compliant and powerful business solution that facilitates the signing of single or multiple PDF documents with the DSC token issued by any Certifying Authority in India.

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