Tricks To Keep Employees Productive While Working From Home
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The world has undergone a tectonic change over the past year. From working in offices to working from our homes, employees have had to make adjustments in their lifestyle to carry on working effectively to produce their best at work.

While making the shift to remote working, a lot of organizations were concerned about employee productivity. Will they receive the same quality of work from workers that they produced in the office compared to home? What about deadlines? Will they be met? All of them are valid questions.

But another question arises… What is the company doing to boost their employees' productivity levels?

Tips on How to Augment Employee Productivity Levels While Remote Working

Tips on How to Augment Employee Productivity Levels While Remote Working

Let’s go through some tips that can help employees become more efficient while working remotely:

  1. Have a dedicated workstation at home

    At home, there are multiple distractions. Be it pets, spouse, children, TV or anything else, it can be quite distracting while having to focus on work. This distraction can be reduced by having a separate workspace or workstation at home which is solely dedicated for work. This way, you can create a distraction-free zone for yourself and focus on completing your tasks.

  2. Set team goals

    When you set goals you create a vision which you want to achieve. It gives your employees a blueprint of what is expected of them and by when. Set both short-term and long-term goals and when your workers achieve their goals, reward them by giving them the recognition they deserve.

  3. Focus on physical as well as mental health

    It's no secret that one’s mental and physical health plays an important role when it comes to quantum and quality of work that one can do. Encourage your employees to take care of their bodies that they take adequate rest, eat well and exercise. Organize a wellness program where yoga, exercise, good eating habits, etc. are discussed. Also, don’t neglect mental health. Encourage your employees to come forward and talk about any issues that they may be struggling with. Set up a one-on-one session with a therapist if they say so. For instance, taking a daily walk helps keep one’s health in check and its stimulating for the brain as well.

  4. Provide more work flexibility

    In a day, an employee may end up attending anywhere between one to three virtual meetings. Don’t make these meetings always about work. Have regular virtual discussions with your team where you talk about things other than work. Being able to relax is important for a worker as sometimes work pressure can be relentless. Do encourage your employees to reach out to the manager to discuss any issues that they may be facing and ensure that you resolve them at the earliest.

  5. Provide productivity tools to keep track of employee progress

    To ensure your workers make the most of work at home, you need to provide them with the right tools and support so that they can do their job effectively. To make the most of remote working, provide your employees with project management tools such as Trello; real-time communication tools such as Slack, Zoom; collaboration tools like Google Drive; laptops and team monitoring tools like Hub staff.

  6. Access to office computing resources through remote working solution

    It may not be possible to access all files or software when you’re working from home. This may be due in part to the fact that your home device is not capable of running the applications that your work computer can, like video editing software, CAD programs, etc. It could also be because licensing those apps could be too expensive on an employee’s personal device such as a Grammarly Premium subscription, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

    With Webtel’s Work At Home (WAH), your employees can securely access and control their work computers from their personal devices from anywhere. Your employees receive easy, reliable, and secure access to their work computers and get their job done while sitting at home.


As work from home is here to stay for the foreseeable future, teams and organizations need to ensure that their members and employees have the right resources to be productive while working remotely. This can be a game changer when it comes to boosting productivity if done right.

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