ZATCA announces the criteria for the fourth wave of e-Invoicing Phase 2
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In a recent notification, The Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) laid down criteria for selecting target establishments in the fourth wave of the “Integration Phase" of e-Invoicing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As per the ZATCA update, the fourth wave of e-Invoicing Phase 2 is scheduled to commence on November 1, 2023, whereby all the taxpayers subject to VAT with revenue exceeding 150 Million SAR during 2021 or 2022 are required to integrate their e-invoicing solution with FATOORAH Platform.

Phase 2 of ZATCA e-Invoicing puts forth additional requirements in comparison to the first phase (click here to see the additional requirements for Phase 2 of e-Invoicing in KSA), and it becomes mandatory for the taxpayers to integrate their e-invoicing solution with FATOORAH Portal to generate ZATCA compliant e-Invoices.

Phase 1 of e-Invoicing in KSA was introduced on December 4, 2021, putting an end to the paper-based invoice generation process. The implementation of ZATCA e-Invoicing Phase 2 on January 1, 2023, introduced additional requirements for generating e-Invoices for organizations with a turnover exceeding 3 Billion SAR.

This limit was further reduced to 500 Million SAR in the second wave of the Integration Phase of e-Invoicing, which is planned to set out on July 1, 2023. Soon after, the criterion for the third wave of e-Invoicing in KSA was announced for taxpayers with a turnover subject to VAT exceeding 250 Million SAR from October 1.

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