The Secret Behind a Successful Remote Work Policy Flexibility
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What’s happening right now across organizations throughout the world is that business leaders are realizing the importance of flexible remote work options and how it can lead to better results and a happier workforce. Till before the pandemic hit, work policies used to be rigid and defined within set parameters. Though some companies did offer flexible work hours and the option to work from home, it was more of an exception rather than the norm.

But now companies and employees alike have discovered the many benefits of having flexibility when it comes to work and assessed that yes, employees can still be productive and efficient while working remotely. Due to this, many leading firms have modified their remote work policies to focus more on results and flexibility rather than at what time and where their employees work.

Secret Behind a Successful Remote Work Policy: Flexibility

Secret of Successful Remote Work Policy Flexibility

Giving Employees the Flexibility to Choose Their Work Hours

Microsoft, one of the behemoths of the tech world, made news with a groundbreaking new remote work policy that puts employee flexibility front and center. The company's remote work policy would only serve to guide employees to make the best decisions for themselves when it comes to choosing where they work, their work hours and setting their own work schedule. This helps them maintain a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

Setting Expectations When It Comes to Remote Work

Even after witnessing the results of implementing remote work over the past year, still some managers may not be fully onboard with it. They may want to reinstate the tried and tested work policy in fear that work efficiency may decline if remote work flexibility was offered to employees even after we’ve left the pandemic behind us. Managers can avoid such pitfalls by stating their expectations clearly when implementing flexible remote work policies. These expectations may include:

  • Quantum of work to be done by an employee in an average day

  • Clarifying the channels where employees should be available for communicating with other employees when they are working remotely

  • Specifying the days/times when attendance is mandatory to be punched in either in-person or through virtual meetings

Remote Work Solutions on Offer

To implement a successful remote work policy, the company needs to ensure that their employees have access to all the resources they need while away from the office. Your employees may need access to their work computers to be able to run certain software applications or access files for their work; they can do so by installing a remote access tool such as Webtel’s Work At Home (WAH) remote desktop solution so they can remotely control their work computers from any other device, and from anywhere. Try it!

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