SEO Guidelines for Beginners in 2022
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Building a business website to promote your product, reflect your business ideas, or bring about a revolution in the industrial landscape?

Your primary objective has to be building a global presence and getting discovered over the web. Your reckless efforts toward building your dream website may turn wasteful if you are not able to build an SEO-friendly business website.

SEO is a wide spectrum that covers the process through which businesses boost their chances to rank well in search engines, such as Google and Bing. Despite the kind of business or the type of server your website is running over, it is important to leverage SEO for your business website.

In this blog, we will take a deep dive into some effective SEO guidelines for beginners in 2022 for building a business website.

Speed up your Business Website

To enhance the overall user experience, it is important that your business website responds quickly and runs smoothly. In addition to the user experience, page load time significantly impacts your website’s SEO. A high page load makes it highly unlikely for the users to stick around for a long time, resulting in a high website bounce rate.
There are various ways to amplify the speed of your business website, such as deleting old and unnecessary plugins, cleaning up the website codes, optimizing and compressing your website images, and so on. Make use of online tools to assess the speed and performance of your business website as a part of a regular website audit.

Focus on writing Quality Content

Keep in mind that other than satisfying the search engine, you have an audience to serve. Your priority while building an SEO-friendly website should be to provide relevant information to the audience and offer them the kind of content they came seeking.
Keywords are important to website SEO unless they make the content look meaningless and insipid. Write compelling and engaging content with a human touch to it and naturally fit in keywords to your content rather than stuffing the content with keywords and ending up with a website that seems unnatural and programmed.

Make use of Targeted Keywords

Keywords are the phases commonly searched for over various search engines such as Google, Bing, and so on. These keywords are an important aspect of SEO and determine the website’s ranking.
The key tip to make an SEO-friendly website for beginners is to use the right amount of relevant keywords in your content for better optimization of your business website. Moreover, keep changing your keyword usage and placement strategy as and when required. Use a wide variety of keywords, and fit them naturally into the content of your business website.

Optimize Page Title and Meta Description

Google uses ‘crawlers’ to scan through your website and fetch the information that resonates with the search queries. By optimizing the use of meta data, such as image tags and heading tags, these crawlers can easily understand the relevance of the page in context to the search queries.
Discussed below are a few tips for better optimization of meta data,

  1. The page title should be between 30 and 60 characters
  2. The meta description shall not exceed 160 characters.
  3. The meta description must include target keywords
  4. Ensure that title and meta description is unique for every page

Use Short and Descriptive URLs

One can significantly enhance the SEO performance of the business website by improving the URL structure. A short, descriptive, and clean URL can help the search engine to understand what your page is about and is a simple step towards creating an SEO-friendly business website.
Make sure you include your primary keyword in the page URL, such that it is readable to the visitors and give insights into what the page is about. Most importantly, keep track of the character limit, and don’t turn your URL into a keyword-stuffed sentence. Make use of keywords more naturally and use hyphens to break up words in the URL.

Add alt text to the Images

Search engine crawlers cannot understand the images you are using on your website unless you include alt text descriptions to the images you are using. Image alt text can improve the ranking of your business webpage and helps in creating an accessible website.
The alt text you include in the website images should be descriptive, and relevant to the content of the page.

Add Internal Links to your Website

Building internal links to your business website can make the visitors dive deeper into the website. Make use of anchor text to add relevant links to related articles and pages on your website.
Make sure that these internal links are naturally placed and relevant to the content of your website. A paragraph filled with links might not seem user-friendly and readable. So, make sure you make optimal use of the website’s internal links. Also, conduct a regular audit of the links you are using to ensure that your website does not have any broken links.

Focus on Building User Experience

As mentioned previously, your website is primarily for the audience and then for the search engine. Creating an SEO-friendly website with all the technical aspects checked, but not being able to generate the required user experience will result in a poorly performing website with high bounce rates.
Make your business website easy to navigate and avoid using dead links, error pages, and complex website structure. Optimizing your website structure will not only result in a good experience and easy navigation but also help Google crawlers to scan through the content easily.

Add more Backlinks

Yet another important aspect that influences the SEO performance of your website is adding necessary backlinks to your website. Adding links to another website to the webpages not only helps your website to gain domain authority but also helps you to improve the chances of people discovering and exploring your business website.
Some of the sure-shot ways to add backlinks to your website are guest blogging, testimonials, answering questions on platforms like Quora, creating sharable content, and using industrial contacts for social media sharing.

Keep track of Changes in the Google Algorithm

Google constantly works towards building smarter and more intuitive web browsing experiences for the audience. To make the same possible, there is a constant scope for updates and changes in the Google search algorithm.
While various other factors may help you in creating an SEO-friendly business website, it is unavoidable to keep a track of the changes in Google’s policies and guidelines.

Get an SEO-Friendly Business Website with Webtel

An SEO-friendly website increases your chances of getting discovered and performing better over the web. Besides the tips and tricks mentioned here, there are various other factors that must be considered to meet the SEO objectives of your business website.
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