Assessees on Govt radar for being fraudulent / high risk
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Attention! If you are amongst the taxpayers listed below, then you must pay attention to all your returns. Keeping dealings clean and transparent will help you to keep yourself away from government’s radar.

Assessees on Govt radar for being fraudulent / high risk

Let's check out the list of assessees or taxpayers who comes under govt's radar for being fraudulent / high risk-
  1. GSTINs newly registered having unusually high volume of outward supplies and their cash payment is nominal or near ‘Zero’
  2. New GSTINs showing unusual high quantum of ITC availment (>Rs.10 Lakhs per month).
  3. GSTINs showing unusual growth in quantum of ITC availment (>33 % over their monthly average credit with change of (-5% or more) in their cash to credit ratio).
  4. GSTINs dealing in sensitive commodities like metal scrap, inputs and final products of tobacco industry, tiles, other construction material/fittings etc.
  5. Multiple GSTINs registered at same premises-having common PANs and/or common mobile numbers and/or common email IDs and/or common authorized signatory and/or showing supplies of >Rs.50 lakhs.
  6. GSTINS showing a residential premise as the registered place of business and not having any additional place of business but dealing in commodities which require significant storage space.

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