Hurry Up! Phase 1 Of E-Invoices Is Almost There
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The due date of e-Invoicing phase one, i.e., the generation phase is round the corner. Under the e-Invoicing phase 1 being effective from 04 December 2021 in KSA, ALL VAT-registered taxpayers must be ready to issue invoices or Fatoora from an e-invoicing solution.
They should refrain from making manual invoices and should generate all the invoices electronically in a structured format from an e-invoicing solution


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Get Everything About Generation Phase 1 Right

The guidelines for the implementation of e-invoicing in KSA have already been disseminated by ZATCA. Phase 1 of e-invoice generation will be enforceable from 04 December 2021, with the basic requirement that taxpayers should become capable of issuing E-invoices. In this phase, taxpayers are not required to report invoices to ZATCA or get its approval or clearance of bills.

Applicability of E-Invoicing Phase 1:

  • Every taxable resident irrespective of turnover in the KSA.

  • Third parties issuing tax invoices on the behalf of the taxable resident.

  • All taxable supplies whether at standard or zero rates.

  • All taxable supplies to residents and non-residents in terms of exports.

Exclusions :

  • Non-Residents taxpayers are excluded.

  • Not applicable on exempt supplies, import of goods and supplies subject to reverse charge mechanism.

The requirements in the Generation phase:

  • To be able to generate E-invoice one must first install or update the existing invoicing system.

  • Generate and store invoices and the debit, credit notes in a structured electronic format issued through an electronic solution.

  • Invoice to contain additional fields.

  • A mandatory QR code and a title to the invoices for B2C transactions.

  • An optional QR code and mandatory Invoice title for B2B transactions. The taxpayer should update the buyers' VAT Registration number if registered for VAT.

The functionalities prohibited in phase 1 of e-invoicing:

  • Allowing Uncontrolled Access.

  • Tampering of E-invoice or their associated notes or logs.

  • Allowing Multiple Invoice Series.

For Phase 2 beginning from January 1, 2023, a clearance regime has been prescribed for B2B invoices. B2C invoices must be reported to the tax authority platform within 24 hours of issuance.

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