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Businesses with an Annual Turnover of 5 Cr+!
e-Invoicing is Now Mandatory

From August 1, 2023, generating e-invoices has been made mandatory for organizations with an annual turnover exceeding Rs. 5 Cr. After the initial 500 Cr e-Invoicing turnover limit, the government has been gradually reducing the limit to 100 Cr, 50 Cr, 20 Cr, 10 Cr, and the current threshold limit of 5 Cr is a significant step towards standardizing the invoice generation process and ensuring better compliance.

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Generate e-Invoices in just a few clicks with Webtel’s fast and seamless e-Invoicing software. With the help of our solution, you can get e-Invoicing ready in just a few days and enjoy the fastest e-Invoice generation. Drop the worries of e-Invoice generation under GST with our e-Invoicing software.

Your data security is a top-notch priority for us. Our e-Invoicing solution offers 100% data security with real-time monitoring, high-grade data encryption, and up to 7 years of data archiving to ensure that your e-Invoicing data is always protected.

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Ensure 100% Accuracy in e-Invoice Generation

Webtel’s e-Invoicing solution offers multiple auto-validation of data to ensure 100% accuracy and compliance. Our e-Invoicing solution facilitates data accuracy and seamless e-Invoice generation to meet the requirements of e-Invoice generation under GST standards.

Moreover, by using auto validation, our e-Invoicing software reduces the amplitude of procedural errors, and hence, facilities reduced the cost of operations and manual efforts of data validation.

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Webtel's e-Invoicing Software is a comprehensive solution to all your e-Invoicing needs

Bulk e-Invoice Generation in a Single Click

e-Invoice generation is mandatory for organizations with an annual turnover exceeding ₹5 Cr.

Make Webtel's integrated ASP / GSP solution your tech partner that can do e-Invoicing in a matter of minutes with 100% guaranteed security and end-to-end assistance from experts. Webtel's integrated e-Invoicing solution will generate, print, and track e-Invoicing as per the proposed format.

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e-Invoicing under GST is a system of generating B2B invoices electronically and authenticating them by GSTN. Under the e-Invoicing system, an IRN (Invoice Reference Number) is generated against each invoice by IRP (Invoice Registration Portal).
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e-Invoice generation is to be Mandatory for every taxpayer with an annual aggregate turnover exceeding Rs 5 Crore in any year from 2017-18 onwards to generate e-invoices for B2B supplies w.e.f. August 1, 2023. The current turnover limit is Rs. 10Cr.
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Yes, an invoice can be canceled within 24 hours of generation.

The e-invoice cannot be modified after generation. If a mistake has been made in the invoice, then it must be deleted within 24 hours and a fresh invoice must be generated.

There is no time limit for IRN generation, the IRN should be generated before issuing the invoice to the other party or movement of goods.

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