HR Pearls Modules

With HR Pearls, No more zillion applications required to keep your people operations on track.

PMS - Payroll Management System

The Payroll management system of HR Pearls gives you the upper hand on all financial records of an employee. The cardinal mission of this tool is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct deductions and withholdings.

PMS in HR Pearls carry out the below functions smoothly & perfectly -

Salary Calculation

Reimbursement Management

Loan & Advance Management

Over Time Management

Bonus Calculation

Full & Final Settlement

Tax Declarations or investment proofs

Gratuity Calculation

Payslips & Reimbursement Slips

Bank Transfer Sheet

Salary Register & Various reports

Increment Module

CMS - Compliance Management System

TCompliance management is a key thing to do for any HR people or an organisation. This ensures that the group of people in an organization are following the set of rules prescribed by the HR. The legal and compliance management module of HR Pearls is specifically designed to meet your compliance needs.

CMS in HR Pearls carry out the below functions -

ESI Return & Challan

PF Return & Challan

TDS Return & Revised Return

Professional Tax

Form 16 Generation

Statutory Bonus

Labour Welfare Fund

HRMS - Human Resource Management System

HRMS ensures the maximum optimisation of human resources without compromising employee satisfaction. We provide the attendance module which captures the attendance data, either through Daily or Monthly Attendance. Our software is directly linked to multiple devices and we provide one stop solution for devices as well. We also provide the report for attendance reports along with a full module, which is integrated through ESS as well.

HRMS in HR Pearls carry out the below functions -

Attendance Management

Employee Database Management

Leave Management

Company Policy

HR Reports like Offer Letter

Training Module

Shift Management

HR Helpdesk

Holiday Module

Transfer Module

Employee Birthday/ Anniversary

ESS - Employee Self Service Portal

Empower your employees via employee self-service portal that allows employees to access their personal details, download payslip, check leaves & PF details. Employee module comprises employee information as well as employee groups information. Comprehensive information for every employee can be stored and managed in the system.

ESS in HR Pearls carry out the below functions -

Unique ID/PWD for Each Employee

Reimbursement of Bills

Employee Profile

Leave Applications

Income Tax Declarations


View CTC, Leave Status, Holiday List

Business Trip Module

HR Helpdesk

View Company Policies

Income Tax Calculator

Loan & Advance Application

Track Subordinate Attendance

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