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Webtel is an approved vendor of ZATCA where you get a fast & reliable ZATCA e-Invoicing software that is compatible with every ERP and gives you a hassle-free experience of e-Invoicing in KSA.

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What is Phase 2 of e-Invoicing in KSA?

The implementation of this phase will start on January 01, 2023. This phase will be implemented in different stages, targeting different taxpayers. The ZATCA will inform the taxpayers of the applicability of this stage, at least six months in advance. This phase is concerned with integrating the taxpayers billing software with that of the ZATCA system to share the data and information. Once the invoice is issued using its own software, it will then be shared with ZATCA for verification and validation. The whole process will be done in a real-time system, where the seller will need to get the invoice cleared from the ZATCA system and then share the standard invoices with the customers. But for simplified invoices, the seller is required to report the same to ZATCA within 24 hours of its generation.

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Why Choose Webtel's ZATCA e-Invoicing Software for Phase 2?

Since Phase 1 of ZATCA e-Invoicing, we have successfully helped big brands to comply with ZATCA e-invoicing guidelines and ensured a seamless generation of e-invoices. Here are the features that make us the best e-invoicing solution provider in KSA.

ZATCA e-Invoicing Software

ZATCA Approved

Webtel is an approved vendor of ZATCA (ZAKAT, Tax and Customs Authority), where you will get an e-invoicing solution complying with ZATCA guidelines.

KSA e-Invoicing

Seamless ERP

The ZATCA e-Invoicing solution provided by us gets seamlessly integrated with any ERP used by an organization

e-Invoicing in KSA

Auto Data

With our KSA e-invoicing solution, you can auto validate your e-invoice data to check whether it is according to ZATCA norms or not.

ZATCA e-Invoicing Software

Bulk Generation of

We provide bulk e-invoice generation for both standard & simplified invoices with the generation of UUID, PIH, for B2B and UUID, PIH, QR Code, CSID, Timestamp & Date Stamp, for B2C.

ZATCA e-Invoicing Software

100% Compliant

Webtel provides a 100% compliant solution, using which you can ensure that your e-invoices are totally compliant with ZATCA.

ZATCA e-Invoicing Software

Duplicate e-Invoice

You can avoid duplicate e-invoices with the feature of duplicate e-invoice protection in our advanced e-invoicing software.

ZATCA e-Invoicing Software

Single Dashboard to
Manage e-Invoices

With Webtel's KSA e-invoicing solution, you get a single dashboard to manage all your old & new invoice data in one place.

ZATCA e-Invoicing Software

QR Code

Your e-invoicing QR code gets automatically generated with Webtel's ZATCA e-invoicing Solution

KSA e-Invoicing

Legal archiving in
Saudi Premises

We host the e-invoice data on client's server or cloud server, and we limit archiving of that data to Saudi premises.

e-Invoicing in KSA

Invoices in Arabic
& English

E-Invoices are generated in both Arabic & English language..

ZATCA e-Invoicing Software

Generate PDF with
Embedded XML invoices

A3 PDFs with embedded XML e-invoices are automatically generated during the process of e-Invoice generation.

ZATCA e-Invoicing Software

Dedicated Support

At Webtel, we also provide a dedicated support team to help you out with any e-invoicing issue.

How does Webtel's KSA e-Invoicing Solution Work?

Here is the process of how our software simplifies the process of
electronic e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia.

KSA e-Invoicing

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Seamless Integration of ZATCA e-Invoicing Solution with ERPs

We improve your e-invoicing journey by providing an e-Invoicing solution that seamlessly integrates with your organization's ERP. Watch this video now to see how our ZATCA e-invoicing Solution gets integrated with SAP.

An Advanced & Secure Solution for e-Invoicing in Saudi Arabia

We are one of the leading e-invoicing solution providers in KSA, where you get a fast, feature-packed, secure, and 100% ZATCA compliant solution for e-Invoicing in KSA. With our ZATCA e-invoicing software, you can be sure that your e-Invoicing data remains 100% secure and remains 100% compliant as per ZATCA guidelines that too by automation developed by experts.

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